SSDL can assist organisations develop or refine their IT strategy with the aim of developing a pragmatic IT road map that ensures technology investments are thought through and aligned with business outcomes.

Are you experiencing any of these issues…?


  • Low funding for key IT initiatives
  • Few resources and no time to focus on the planning required to get funds approved
  • Constantly having to ask for budget only when something HAS to be done rather than being pro-active
  • Spend too much time fighting fires within the IT department rather than focusing on strategic IT projects that will add real business value
  • IT is considered ‘slow’ and systems are outdated
  • Challenges in hiring and keeping IT staff

How we help your business


You can engage our consulting team to:

  • Elevate the function of IT within the business, ensuring technology services and investments align with business priorities and goals
  • Obtain greater governance and predictability of ICT costs through performing sufficient and holistic ICT investment planning
  • Deliver successful IT projects by assisting with managing and executing complex IT projects while aligning costs directly to outcomes
  • Effectively manage corporate risk by periodically reviewing business and IT operations against relevant regulations and risk events.


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