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We spoke to Directors Nick Readett-Bayley and Richard Newling Ward about their award winning architecture firm, BayleyWard.

How did you get into Architecture?

Richard: I was in hospitality for a number of years, and I came to recognise that I just had a passion for creating exciting and engaging spaces for people to enjoy. I suspect you’ll find that most architects have a very different answer, many would likely talk about the built environment, whereas interior designers’ focus tends to be more micro.

Why did you choose to start your own business?

Richard: There comes a point in your life when you want to write your own destiny. To drive your own designs rather than being told what to do whilst working in service of someone else’s ideals.

I get out of bed every day because I know I have the freedom to design things that I’m passionate about, coupled with the personal freedom that working for yourself provides. I also love that creatively, I can build something out of nothing on any given day.

You work hard, celebrate the wins, manage the losses, and it all balances out.

What is the biggest IT related hurdle you have faced?

Nick: Initially, working with start- up budgets means that there are periods where it is necessary to fulfil IT needs in-house – simply to save money.  Although this choice did save a small sum of money in the early days, the decisions that were made, and the solutions they provided were only temporary.

Solutions were not tailored for the long-term, and did not cater for the business’ future IT requirements. Therefore, we were not properly set-up – with servers, internal graphics cards, ram, etc – to achieve long-term efficiency, agility and delivery.

How did SSDL help you along the way?

As a new business, we often tried to source and upgrade our hardware and software in-house. We took advice from other businesses and design-related peer groups. Although our choices were good, they were not good enough. SSDL helped us to identify better solutions, that would save time and drive better efficient outcomes in communication, storage and speed.

We now only make our IT decisions after consulting with the professionals at SSDL. SSDL have helped put us on the right IT on track by making our day-to-day IT activities run smoothly, confidently, and efficiently.

What’s a great IT related lesson you’ve learnt so far?

If you seek advice, you will find the answers with the Professionals. Those with real  IT experience will make the critical difference for your business.

Finally, we’d love to see one of your favourite designs from 2017?

This is the recently completed “Barney” project on St Georges Road.



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