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We had a chat to Jason Robinson, one of the Directors from clients RBK Advisory.

What does RBK do?

RBK is a new age accounting and advisory firm born out of frustration with the old ways and systems of accounting practices. Below are a few of our differences:

  • We up front quote the years worth of work
  • We package the yearly services up and invoice by direct debit monthly
  • We provide free phone & email support to clients
  • We focus on the client relationship first – everyone receives the partner’s mobile phone number and the partner is always the first point of contact
  • We conduct tax planning meetings with all stakeholders are mandatory pre 30 June

Our clients feel comfortable to call and liaise whenever they have a problem as they aren’t “on the clock”. We find this allows us to provide better service. The more we liaise, the more beneficial the relationship will be for the client. There is no ‘bill shock’ for want of a better word. The more organised we are around tax planning, the better the outcome is for the client, it also helps adhere to ATO legislation.

Overall we are a young, technology driven firm who are eager to provide great service to our clients. We understand this is a very personal relationship and we  treat it with the respect it demands.


Why did you start RBK?

We’ve all worked at large and small firms alike and found there was a real disconnect between the fee structure & value provided by the majority of accountants. On top of that, many firms were promoting technology as an enabler but were barely using technology themselves (think old servers on site, standard working hours at the work location, inefficient processes that were billed to the client). We also didn’t like punching the time clock in 6 minute blocks and sending out invoices to clients that they weren’t expecting. It drove us to come up with our own model, one that has proven to be very successful having from a few hundred clients initially, to now serving over 2000.

How has IT played a role in your business?

For RBK Advisory, we have a lot of sensitive information. So immediately, security was a huge priority for us. Really early on we moved from Google to Microsoft 365 due to the added security setting and additional power it offered. On top of that, we wanted to be mobile, everything needed to be in the cloud (when we launched the business I was doing tax returns in Bali by the pool).


How has SSDL helped with your business?

We grew and we grew fast. We needed to be able to scale. In the past 12 months, we have added more than 1 new team member per month. This has meant thousands of dollars invested in new hardware, however we’ve barely noticed the software side of things. We up our subscriptions with each new team member, their devices are easily setup and added to our IT system and before we know it the new team member is ready to fire! SSDL advised us from day one on the software and systems we had to have in place to allow that growth to happen and without SSDL investing that time and energy into learning what our plans and ambitions were, I don’t think it would have gone as smoothly, so we have them to thank for that.


Finally, favourite app right now and why?

It’s so hard to pick just one so I’ll give you my categories:

Accounting – Xero (we live our lives on this and it connects us to our clients crucial financial information in real time)

Bookkeeping – Hubdoc (it connects us to our client’s financials documents through an easy to use app, receipts, bank statements, invoices etc.)

Personally – Trello (task management, to do lists, reminders and so much more)

Business – Microsoft Office365 and Microsoft Azure, we couldn’t run our business without it!

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