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Tame your inbox with Clean-up


Clean up a folder or a conversation


Overwhelmed trying to achieve Inbox Zero? Folder Clean-up can help.

From your Inbox (or any other email folder), select Home > Clean Up. You can Clean Up ConversationClean Up Folder, or Clean Up Folder & Subfolders. Outlook will automatically move redundant, read messages to the Deleted Items folder. Folder clean-up will never remove unread messages.

Why send a copy when you can send a link instead?


Share attachments with OneDrive.


Collaborating with colleagues on a report or project? Don’t send copies. Send a link instead.

The trick is to upload files to OneDrive and then send everyone a link to the files. Your recipients can collaborate on the same file at the same time, and you don’t have to scour your inbox for multiple copies.

Select Attach File>Browse web locations >OneDrive. You can tell you’re sending a link to a OneDrive file because the attachment icon will have a cloud on it.

Smarter meetings with Skype and OneNote


Collaborate with Skype and OneNote


Before sending that meeting request, make it a Skype meeting and set up a shared space for meeting notes.

Before you send the meeting request, select Skype Meeting. An online meeting link will be created automatically and inserted into the meeting request. For shared notes, select Meeting Notes. Create a new OneNote notebook or select an existing one. A link to the notebook will appear in the meeting request.

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